David Blair's Cyclura Iguanas

Catalog of Available Cyclura Iguanas

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Please email DAVID BLAIR AT critter@herpnut.com, or use the order form TO ORDER ANY OF THESE ANIMALS OR FOR MORE INFORMATION. Messages may also be left at (760) 746-5422, but communication via email is preferred and will be responded to more quickly. All juveniles offered are captive bred and hatched at our own facility in Escondido, California. Please contact your state and local animal regulatory agencies first to determine if there are any restrictions on the importation or possession of Cyclura iguanas (all of which are listed on C.I.T.E.S. Appendix I) where you live. It is the customerís responsibility to inform us of all such state and local regulations and we will never knowingly violate any federal, state or local laws. Additional fees may be required for Vet. Health Certificates, etc.

SEXING: Juveniles less than three months of age are sold unsexed. Animals over three months of age can be probed to determine their sex at the customer’s request and free of charge, but under no circumstance is the sex of any animal under three years of age positively guaranteed. Although we are very accurate in sexing hatchlings, there is simply no way for us to track individual animals after being sold. It is impossible for us to determine months, or even years, after having sold an animal, that any individual iguana presented to us again is the very same animal that we had once sexed.

TERMS: Please visit our TERMS PAGE for more information on payments accepted, shipping, guarantee and information on visiting.