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Cyclura cornuta

Cyclura cornuta 2013 - Expected Fall of 2013 - $259.00

RHINOCEROS IGUANAS (Cyclura cornuta) 2013 Hatch…..……..(? available)………..…..$259. Ea. This species is not currently listed under the U.S. Endangered Species Act so they may be sold interstate without any federal permit required. Easily the most recognized of all of the Cyclura iguanas with their distinctive “rhinoceros-like” conical snout scales. This is one of the most impressive and prehistoric looking of all of the iguanas. Very stocky and powerfully built, they look like living dinosaurs! Both males and females attain a very large size and both sexes have the “rhinoceros-like” horns. Slightly more aggressive in nature than the Cuban and Cayman Island iguanas, they are very much worth the sometimes extra effort required to properly socialize and to tame them. Many individual rhinoceros iguanas do become very tame with regular handling. Makes a wonderful and extremely impressive display animal! The next hatch is expected in the Fall of 2013. Use the Contact Us Link to place an order or to request our most current daily updated availability and price list. Our shopping cart is currently disabled as we strive to make improvements to it. Please use the Contact Us link to place an order.

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  • Cyclura cornuta "Rhinoceros iguana" hatchling just "pipped" it's egg!
  • Cyclura cornuta "Rhinoceros iguanas" adults mating at our breeding facility.
  • Cyclura cornuta "RHINOCEROS IGUANA" adult breeder.
  • Cyclura cornuta "Rhinoceros iguana" one year old.